The Celsius Network Community

About Us

We’re an international community of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts that believe the current financial system is broken, and that we need something better. We believe that decentralized finance through cryptocurrencies on permission-less, public blockchains can solve many of the traditional financial problems people around the world face every day. We stand for lower fees, higher interest income, cheaper and easier access to credit and transparent, sustainable banking. We think that those are all important parts of the future we envision, and Celsius Network is making these things a reality.

Why we Support Celsius

We’ve been part of the Celsius community and have been supporting the company since the ICO in March of 2018 because of one simple reason: Their commitment to always act in the best interest of their community. This is a commitment they made in the very beginning, and they have not forgotten about it. All the actions we’ve seen them take were to ensure long term success of the company and its customers, and they have delivered easy to use products that every single person in the world can benefit from.

We believe that Celsius can help people across the world achieve financial freedom, which was previously inaccessible to them thanks to the control that today’s banks have over the unfair monetary policies in each country. Following in the revolutionary path of Bitcoin, Celsius is contributing to this new decentralized financial system by providing better-than-traditional financial services.

Join us in supporting the future of finance by supporting a company that shares almost all of its revenue with its community, rather than its shareholders and executive team!

What can I find on this website?

This website is a hub for the Celsius Network community where you can find information, videos, statistics and infographics about the company, and the CEL token. Have suggestions on things we should add? Want to contribute to the Celsians community website? Reach out to us at!