Alex Mashinsky on killing the banks with cryptocurrency: Part 2

“It’s about just opening the doors and letting the light in,” Mashinsky says. “Now everyone says ‘oh, it’s daytime outside, why are we sitting in this shitty room and letting everyone steal our money from us?'”
“We, me and my co-founder Daniel, worked on the idea and thought about it hard. How can we structure it as a win-win, where the only guys that lose are the banks? How can we create a solution? What I compare it to is Costco. So, Costco is an amazing company. You pay a membership fee once a year. And then you walk into this giant warehouse and everything is half the price. And you’re like ‘Jesus, why was I paying full price all this time?’ And you take a cart, and you fill it up as much as you can because you can’t wait to take all of these benefits.”

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By Andrew Munro on Finder – June 8th 2019

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