Celsius Hits $4.25 Billion in Originated Crypto Loans, Setting the Bar for Crypto Lending Industry

Celsius Network, the industry-leading cryptocurrency platform, announces it has surpassed $4.25 billion in loan origination, as well as $450 million in deposits and over $5 million in interest income for its depositors. These new numbers reflect the company’s growth as the largest and fastest growing crypto lending platform. Read more Celsius Network – November 12th 2019

An Open Letter To My Bank: It’s not me, it’s you.

I think we need to talk…. This one-way relationship isn’t working anymore. Every interaction has become difficult (and costly). There’s no trust, and you’ve betrayed me too many times. Most importantly, we don’t share the same vision for the future… Read more Celsius Network – November 10th 2019

Crypto in 2020: 5 Predictions for Where Digital Assets Are Going

Much has changed since 2009, the year that Bitcoin first hit the scene and started a revolution. For 2020, the pieces are beginning to fall into place for what could be an important year in the future of digital assets and cryptocurrency. Here are our top 5 predictions for crypto in 2020. Read more CelsiusContinue reading “Crypto in 2020: 5 Predictions for Where Digital Assets Are Going”

The American Dream: The Road to Financial Freedom

Celsius founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky shares his experience as an immigrant in America working to fulfill his own American Dream. I came to the United States in 1989. I craved the “American Dream.” I read about our inalienable right to the “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence. The choice to move was a no-brainer…Continue reading “The American Dream: The Road to Financial Freedom”

Voyager Selects Celsius Network to Manage Certain Assets

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Voyager Digital LLC, a subsidiary of publicly-traded Voyager Digital (Canada) Ltd (Ticker VYGR.CN), an industry-leading best execution crypto asset broker, today announced a partnership with Celsius Network, in which Celsius will manage a portion of Voyager’s digital assets. Read more Business Wire – October 10th 2019