Fiat borrowing

Celsius users can use the digital assets they have on deposit as collateral for loans, which can be opened for as little as 3.465% APR if you’re a platinum member and make your interest payments in CEL tokens, otherwise it’s 4.95%. You can pay interest in BTC, ETH, USD, Stablecoins or CEL. If you pay your interest in CEL, you will get a discount depending on your Loyalty Level.

Interest earning

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Celsius is currently paying interest on 25 different coins and tokens, with base rates that range from 1.36% to 12% APY. You can earn your interest in the coin you deposited or in CEL. Users who choose to earn their weekly interest in CEL tokens will receive up to 35% more interest on all non-CEL deposits.

 Earn In-KindEarn In-CEL Earn In-KindEarn In-CEL

*Rates as of this minute, changing weekly

Celsius is distributing 80% of their revenues to the Community, they earn the coins they pay as interest in two main ways, lending and staking.

Interest through staking

The first way is very simple, you deposit the coins and Celsius stakes them for you, without any minimum deposit amounts or lockup terms. Dash, with one of the most successful masternode implementations, is a great example.

Running your own Dash masternode:
  • Minimum of 10000 Dash
  • Access to a computer running 24/7
  • Variable ROI, currently 6.22%
  • Not insured, self custody
Staking Dash with Celsius:
  • No minimum
  • Just deposit into the App
  • Variable ROI, currently 6%

Interest through lending

Unfortunately, not every coin can simply be staked in cold storage to earn interest, there is a lot of really hard work that goes into earning interest on all the other supported assets. Celsius runs a large scale lending business to collect interest from hedge funds, exchanges and institutional traders. They have already done over $2.2B worth of coin loans originations with these partners, generating over $4 Million worth of interest for their community.

Celsius has onboarded over 100 institutional clients in just over a year of operations.

Celsius wallet app

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Your new favourite app! Securely hold your digital assets, track your wallet value over time, earn interest, get a loan, send fee-free payments, make fast, free and secure withdrawals, see community statistics and show a damn good looking wallet to your friends like the showoff you are. Just kidding, but who doesn’t like bragging about earning 5 times more interest than the best savings account in the US offers? We do.


Send crypto to anyone fee-free and instantly, with a simple link. No need for wallet addresses, double checking or waiting for your transaction to confirm. Send a link to anyone, if they open the link on their phone it will launch the Celsius app and the payment will be added to their balance.

Free withdrawals

Celsius enables you to withdraw coins at any time, fee-free. Withdrawals <$20k are processed immediately, whereas amounts >$20k might be delayed for up to 24 hours due to multi step security protocols.​

Celsius community page

Transparency is key when we are talking about financial services and Celsius stands out against their competitors providing as much Transparency as possible. Starting back in May 2019 the Celsius App started to display data about the growing number of users, deposited assets, distributed interest and more. It's worth to take a look into it. And as well take a look into our visualization and interpretation of the data.