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  • KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) is mandatory for financial services
  • Click signup and enter all required information
  • Processing usually takes less than two hours


  • Enable two factor authentication (2FA) for additional security in the Security settings of your Celsius App
  • Download a 2FA app like “Google Authenticator” or “Authy” (recommended) and link it to the Celsius App
  • Lockup your withdrawal address for each deposited coin to a wallet where you have the full control about, set this up under “Withdrawal”

Deposit & Earn

  • Check out your deposit address for each coin in the wallet section of the app
  • Make your first deposit of any crypto and start earning interest immediately, without further steps
  • Interest is calculated every Friday and distributed every Monday, every day your assets were stored with Celsius counts
  • Take care to enable “Earn in CEL“ if you want to earn the most with your deposits with up to 35% bonus interest

Borrow Cash

  • Get the Cash you need without losing the upside potential of your crypto assets
  • Borrow Cash for up to 50% of your crypto assets value with rates between 4.95-8.43% APY(depending on the loan to value ratio you choose)
  • Get up to 30% discount on your loan rates if you pay them in CEL

Utilize CEL

  • CEL is a membership & utility token
  • You just need to own enough CEL to equal 15% of your other crypto assets value to gain the max rewards
  • Elect to earn your interest in CEL to earn up to 35% more
  • On the MyCEL or Wallet Page you can choose each coin separately
  • Pay your loan interest with CEL to pay up to 30% less
  • Learn more about the other Utilities of CEL

Send Money Fee-Free -> CelPay

  • Send & receive Crypto instant & fee-free
  • Send through SMS, WhatsApp, email, or in any other messaging service
  • Worldwide to anyone using the App


  • No lockup’s
  • No fees
  • No worry
  • < $20k instantly, up to $50k a day
  • > $20k takes up to 24 hours due to multistep security protocols
  • Set your withdrawal address for each deposited coin to a wallet address that you fully control.
  • For security reasons your withdrawals are locked to only one address
  • changing your withdrawal address takes 24 hours

Feel Safe

  • Funds are stored with industry leading Custodians
  • Fidelity-backed Fireblocks secures Celsius hot wallets
  • Coins lend out are always overcollateralized
  • >200 institutional clients around the globe use and trust Celsius


  • Experience what Celsius is doing for you today and compare with what your bank has done for you within the last years
  • Enjoy every Interest-Monday
  • Follow Celsius on Social Media
  • Keep an eye on the latest statistics & developments with
  • Use your Referral Code and refer your friends and family
  • Spread the word how simple and transparent Celsius is
Celsius Wallet App Button