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Jan 27th 2020 – Crypto Love “Celsius bigger than Google?”


Jan 23th 2020 – All Roads Lead to Decentralization


01.15.2020 – #TradeTalks Future of Digital Currency & Payments – 2020 is Going to be a Breakout Year for Bitcoin


Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven? Iran Tension Reignites Debate


05.12.2019 – Alex – Inspirational Lecture – Bitcoin

1:25 “I came to the US 30 years ago and started 7 different companies, anyone here start 7 companies? Its like self Inflicted torture”

2:00 “our entire lives are about the persuit of happiness, but most of us are stuck at the bottom of the pyrymid”

3:28 “ I look at my kids and i realized that the american dream is not alive for them as it was alive for me”

4:00 “why do all roads lead to decentralization? Because you cannot take the dream away from 7.5 billion people and think nothing is going to happen. This revolution as about all of the money in the world.”

8:20  “everyday when you transact, use a credit card, or deposit in a bank account, you choose if you are supporting Centralization or decentralization”

9:10 “this is a war between centralization and decentralization”

11:45 “with the phone companies, we left the old rails that cost 30Cents a minute and moved to TCP/IP which is free”

15:35 “We went from gold to cotton, great jobs guys”

15:45 “how much value has the dollar lost since 1971 when we went completely off the gold standard? Over 95%”

16:00 “The only reason the dollar loses value is because we are printing trillions of them”

17:55 “Debt is just borrowing from the future”

19:20 “do you know why Rome was sacked? They could pay their soldiers” 

20:05 “Bitcoin is the only thing that exists today that has limited supply and nobody can cheat that system.”

22:35 “the blockchain is very similar to your body, every cell in your body has a copy of you, every node on the network has a copy of the entire blockchain.”

23:20 “Do you think the Fed works in your best interest?”

25:25 “Have you ever gone to your bank and demanded higher interest?”

25:50 “How do you think the banks make billions in profits? You are giving them 90% of the value of your money.”

28:00 “When you overdraft by $1 guess what happens? Warren Buffet gets $30”

31:00 “How much does Whatsapp give you? 100%. They figured this out on the  internet side, why cant we do this for the money side?”

31:50 “Every quarter, the CEO has to suck all the profits from its customers to deliver to its shareholders or they will leave.”

 37:25 “If we stop depositing, they cannot continue stealing from us, they are the ones in trouble, not us.”

40:35 “Institutions didn’t pile up to buy bitcoin, piled in to bury you. That’s how they make money. Do you think you can lose when you have the treasury behind you?”

41:50 “The only way this works is if all of us recruit more people into this revolution.”

46:25 “What im worried about is that people in the US and around the world saying what I have now is good enough.”

47:15 “How did whatsapp sell for 22 Billion when it has $0 in revenue?”

48:00 “So think of crypto as a packman that is going to eat away at all of the other assets”

50:00 “My pitch is we need to give people something that they understand and can transact today.”

53:00 “Tthe next 100 million peole need less volatility and more utility”

25.10.2019 – Alex – Putting Wall Street on Notice! Crypto is Coming!


24.11.2019 – Alex – Unbank Yourself – How DeFi & Crypto Banking help Bitcoin cross the chasm


23.10.2019 – Alex – WHY IS BITCOIN CRASHING?! 🚨 Evidence Exposed + Alex Mashinsky Interview

7:45 “We Love defi and support decentralization”

9:00 “the argument is over what is the best way for mass adoption”

10:00 “stablecoins have become are second largest asset”

10:40 “our mission and our job is to bring the next 1000 million people into crypto”

13:10 “we work with over 180 institutions, we don’t lend to retail”

16:40 “our number 1 priority is to always rerun the coins to the depositors, the number 1 rule is to remember number 2

19:35 “I stole all of the best ideas from the big guys and put them into crypto”

29:30 “hey Alex we want you to pay compounding interest, we want to pull out interest first. All of these things are coming”

18.10.2019 – Ivan on Tech: CRYPTO PASSIVE INCOME + FIAT LOANS 💥 Celsius Network Review

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10.10.2019 – Alex – The Case Against Trusting Facebook’s Libra Project

0:30 lots of our customers are Millennials, they know something is wrong with our financial system & with the economy, they are buying Bitcoin as doomsday insurance and use 5..10..20% of their income to buy Bitcoin for a rainy day

1:20 The people that brought you fake friends are now bringing you fake blockchain, Libra doesn’t solve the economy issue

3:00 You will see hundreds of millions of people join, once we created the ease of use, that’s part of what Celsius Network is trying to

4:20 The questions is: Can we use decentralization, the blockchain, all these technologies to create an institution that acts in our best interest

4:45 Forbes wrote an article about Celsius saying “Finally the banks have somebody to worry about.” Because we earn interest income just like the banks, but we give 80% of that back to the depositor, where banks give 80% of it back to the shareholders.

6:35 Facebook is creating the awareness and the trust that crypto and blockchain are things that the average Joe should be able to trust, but it will be interest income that’ll be the killer DApp for mass adoption

12.10.2019 – Alex – Celsius Network Dominates Galaxy Digital

6:20 “we have the lowest rates for loans in the industry, because we don’t just make money from charging the interest on the dollars, we also lend out your Bitcoin to institutions like Galaxy Digital, they give us collateral and they pay us 4 – 5 %, sum it up and take 80% of it, that’s exactly what we pay stablecoin depositors”

8:30 “Celsius just surpassed Galaxy Digital in terms of total assets held – we went from being number 15 to number 2 in AUM”

9:20 “we paid more Bitcoin to more people than all the other crypto companies together, Binance, Coinbase, BlockFi, NEXO, Salt,, all the DeFi guys …”

10:10 “When Coinbase or Binance make money, they keep it to themselves, but the question is: Are you just another toll collector, or are you here in the decentralized movement trying to revolutionize the world and make this world a better place?”

12:25 “we need to reward the HODLers, not the speculators or toll collectors”

15:15: “You want a global revolution? You want to bring in billions of people? And they all gonna have to be tech savvys? It’s just not gonna happen! .. The Crypto System the way it’s build today is not build for scale, it’s not build for mass adoption..”

18:25 “Coins sitting in cold storage are covered by $100 million of insurance per account, we have over 100 accounts”

19:40 “we need more utility and less volatility”

22:05 “the only ones that can finish the race and take bitcoin to 100k and beyond is more retail users, more users that come for utility, for store of value, long term appreciation, ..”

26:00 “we are looking for ambassadors all over the world”

11.10.2019 – Leah & Alex – LAB Radio: Providing benefit above all else

3:00 “crypto is providing a lot of volatility, but not a lot of utility – and I think that until the blockchain delivers a service that everyone needs we not gonna have mass adoption”

8:45 “there is a misconception that the blockchain is this amazing thing that will solve all of our ills.”

9:05 “it’s only good for a very few things”

9:30 “so if you build something that can only be done using the blockchain, then you achieved something”

11:55 “we have zero lockup’s and we have no minimums – so when you talk about a killer DApp and mass adoption with the one thing that every single person on the planet needs – passive income – you have to make it accessible to everybody”

13:40 “we want to be as transparent as possible so it just gives a distinctly different feel than when you go to your bank”

15:15 “we have a whole generation that doesn’t know what the concept of earning interest is”

15:50 “Banks make a tremendous amount of money on our money and don’t share it with us”

21:25 “it’s about making sure we are all pushing the cart in the same direction”

25:25 “if you have lived outside the US, you know the need that’s out there for this project”

28:05 “you have to decide, do you want to be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?”

29:25 “You can do well after you have done good, and that is what Celsius is all about”

36:10 “there isn’t a single institution in the financial world that can look you in the eye and say they are working in your best interest”

40:20 “we have to retool all of our pipes to use blockchain, it’s an entirely new system”

41:25 “we created a bridge between traditional services and the blockchain”

10.10.2019 – Alex – Market Disruptors: Understanding Risk Of Crypto Lending

2:15: “I guess we are doing good because everyone is copying us! Even Charles Schwab is dropping it’s fees!”

3:30 “Celsius does the same thing the banks do, we just give 80% back to the depositors instead of the shareholders”

4:40 “I found a way for the 99% to take advantage of all the wonderful things the 1% does for themselves.”

5:25 “giving is receiving”

5:50 “Celsius has over 400 million in deposits and we earn 6% 7% 8% on that”

6:40 “through the ups and downs, HODLers stay HODLers”

8:35 “if you look at the speed which the internet scaled, we are moving 1/10th that speed.”

8:50 “the fed just injected $280 billion in two weeks and nobody paid attention to it!”

9:10 “guess what, this caterpillar is eating your dollar and you are doing nothing about it!”

9:20 “bitcoin is the best doomsday Insurance out there”

10:25 “we are getting 150-200 people a day and 2-3 million in deposits.”

10:55 “we have the cream of the crop, we have the HODLer community”

11:40 “we just crossed $400 million in AUM, number two only to Grayscale”

11:55 “if you aren’t paying interest to your customers and we are? why would they stay with you?”

13:45 “we loan to over 180 institutions, we get to see their balance sheet and assess the risk”

14:30 “ we have seen assurances from Bitfinex that have assured us of their assets”

16:00 “Deutsche Bank is leveraging 50 to 1, for every $1 you gave them as deposit they are lending out $50, we never have more than 1:1 leverage, we are underleveraged compared to any bank”

17:10 “we manage risk for 50,000 users”

18:20 “we work with regulators…….. and are good Citizens in this industry”

19:20 “we are the example and are the highest standard in the US”

20:15 “compliance and our community is my priority, we keep out the bad apples”

21:25 “You can go to, a community website to see independent research”

22:30 “unfortunately in our industry, there have been bad actors”

23:20 “most people don’t know that exchanges use their coins to make tremendous profits”

25:10 “while other exchanges are socializing losses, we socialize profits”

25:45 “our competition is paying interest out of their treasury”

26:40 “we have many layers of protection before depositors finds are at risk”

28:20 “everyone around us is a toll collector”

29:00 “The model Celsius created, almost everything is going back to the community”

30:15 “I expect next year to have more stablecoins than bitcoin”

31:00 “If we have a doomsday senario, everyone is going to be running to the exit (of the traditional financial world)”

34:45 “they will try to shut it down, they do not want anything to compete with the US$”

36:40 “I’m happy to answer anyone’s questions, feel free to ping me on Twitter, Telegram.”

03.10.2019 – Leah – Beards & Bitcoin: How Do We Grow the Crypto Community

2:40 “No fees and no lockup’s, which is really the differentiating feature

3:30 “we had Bitgo verify some of our numbers, we had just over $3 billion in loans the past year”

4:20 “I think we speak to a part of the Industry not many care about”

5:35 “market volatility creates trading opportunities which is great for people who borrow from us”

6:45 “we waited over a year to list, we wanted a product out working and it put us in a safer regulatory area”

7:30 “there is a reason why 90% of ICOs fail”

9:35 “living in Tel Aviv, the sentiment is far different”

10:00 “over the last year I’ve seen a major shift in terms of institutional and traditional players being interested”

10:50 “slowly there are a lot more people who are willing to learn”

13:50 “the most interesting area to me is secondary solutions that may lead people deeper”

14:20 “we need to present value people, not make them come to our side first”

15:40 “I think micro loans are much needed around the world”

18:25 “the gateway drug is presenting value first and ethos second”

21:30 “Value first and then people will come”

23:40 you will waive your Time if you are afraid of failure, it is just an iteration.

27:40 “in crypto we live in a bubble and are building things only for ourselves”

30:40 “I didn’t realize how predatory the lending is in SE Asia and South America”

34:50 “sales is about listening, not about talking”

37:00 “figure out what someone else wants, and what someone else needs”

38:10 “capital is concentrated and talent is concentrated, decentralization with help spread that out”

41:40 “we are trying to fit blockchain in things we can only understand now.”

43:00 “it’s a matter of being agile enough to build and watch what is happening”

23.09.2019 – Alex – NASDAQ #TradeTalks: Harnessing Blockchain to provide Economic Opportunity

1:10 institutions and a lot of retail are still cautious, is this a revolution, or an evolution… people are still trying to figure it out

1:50 “software is eating wallstreet if you think about what is happening every day, the opportunity is to replace the toll collectors”

2:38 “the Feds job is to keep the bubble keeps inflating instead of blowing up” 

3:10 “Celsius works with over 150 institutions”

3:30 “Celsius’s main Foucus is earning interest” 

3:45 “Because banks don’t allow you to earn capital on your capital, these new rails are allowing that”

4:40 “people are asking why they are with their bank when they can digitize their assets and earn 9%”

5:15 “we have not had mass adoption yet”

6:00 “you can be regulated and decentralized at the same time”

18.09.2019 – Alex – Deep Into The Mind of a Billionaire

0:25 “I think finding a way to do good and do well at the same time is something our society doesn’t value enough”

1:20 “I’m a serial entrepreneur, I’m an immigrant, a father of 6, married to a beautiful woman that I cherish every day”

1:40 “Celsius is my way of giving back”

2:20 “Celsius is creating a way to have money work for us, and not only us work for the money”

3:30 “we treat the person with $1 million the same at the person with $1, try that with a bank!”

5:40 “I think every person on the planet has a unique skill set but many of us Hide It, versus exploring it or expressing it”

10:40 “before Uber , I was the first app in the App Store, and on Android, before the App Store we were on blackberry because we started in 2004.

13:00 “I have failed so many times we don’t have enough time to talk about them. Most of us fail.”

13:35 “failure is just an indication that you are going in the wrong direction”

15:00 “99 out of 100 people fail, but they contribute to the end result….. and you have to be proud of that”

I16:50 “stay hungry, that is the most important thing”

17:10 “if you can do every day what you really love… you are living the dream”

17:40 “very few of us get to find what we are really good and and do what you love”

18:00 “something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to”

20:30 “ its not about the confidence you show off to other it’s about you and yourself, having the conversation with yourself saying I’m going to drop everything g and do this”

21:00 “just go to the supermarket and buy 2 lbs of confidence to put into your daily shake”

26:35 “ the happiest moment for me is that creative moment, when you are the first to figure it out”

27:50 “when I figured it VOIP it was an adrenaline rush… I was floating in the room.”

36:00 Facebook, google ….. Are toll collectors extracting as much as possible out of the Internet.

38:10 “Celsius network is basically creating the ability to actually own our money”

39:00 “the future is here, it’s now, most of us are just afraid and not ready to adopt it.”

30.07.2019 – Alex – Market Disruptors – “Should You Invest With Celsius?”

5:45 “I was a skeptic myself, I didn’t understand when I first read Satoshi’s paper”

6:45 “ the banks are not really powerful at all, the only reason they have any power is because we give them money every day – for free”

9:30 “ the banks make 30% a year loaning out your stocks”

10:30 “ if you don’t learn to earn money in your sleep, you will work until the day you die”

13:20 “why is nobody in financial services acting in your best interest?”

13:50 “the rules they made to protect us are costing us money”

15:30 “ create a nest egg so that your money can work for you”

20:05 “we have 150 strategies for earning on coins, and we automatically deploy them to earn yield”

20:50 “we take 80% of ALL of our earnings and give it to depositors”

22:15 “ we forced all of the competition to start paying on their coins”

25:10 “If you want to open a Bitgo account it’s $3,000 a month minimum, we are giving you that for free!”

27:25 “our members were not affected” by the Poloniex socialized loss

28:10 “Job number 1 is to always return all the coins to our depositors, Job number two is to remember job number 1″

29:40 “none of these banks shared anything with you until they needed to be bailed out”

31:30 “you don’t need to know anything about crypto to earn with us”

35:30 “ we socialize the profits unlike the other guys who socialize the loss”

43:00 “there is a different set of rails that all the rules that hold you back don’t apply”

13.06.2019 – Aliza – REKT Podcast Episode 59

8:10 “Probably one of the best crypto apps I’ve seen

8:40 “I chose the option to get paid out in CEL and I got a better rate because of it”

12:00 “we are adding (new coins) all the time and will be posting a significant number of staking coins over the next month- month and a half”

13:35 “I did the KYC process and it only took minutes”

17:25 “If you think about what happens with your money in the bank, the bank is not paying you anything! Then they are going around lending your money out to everyone! They pay you nothing and lend your money out for 25% on a credit card, it’s insane!”

19:10 “ yes, we are looking to FIAT ON and OFF ramp, fully automated lending agains stable coins, all sorts of new features we are adding.”

20:20 “there are so many changes coming to the app of the coming months”

24:15 “I don’t just think it’s about being rich, there is an enormous amount of inequality and this generation doesn’t really have a good chance to earn much”

03.07.2019 – Alex – Bank Profits In Your Pockets

1:00 “Banks earn 17%-18% on your money and could easily pay you 3%, 5%, or even 7% but choose not to because it’s a monopoly of a few banks and they don’t have to”

2:10 “the banks continue to earn money on their deposits…………. they don’t give it to their depositors, they give it to their shareholders”

2:55 “really all of the power the banks have is because we give them our deposits for almost free”

4:30 “I’m not doing this for the money, I think someone has to take action and create a system that works in our best interest”

4:50 “ we have paid millions of dollars in interest and anyone of your views can participate”

5:35 “the banks takes your money and loans it to your neighbor for 25% and pays you next to nothing”

9:30 “we don’t have any penalties, we don’t have any fees.”

11:50 “If we earn more we raise the rates, if we earn less we lower the rates.”

12:40 “banks are posting record profits and we are not seeing any of it”

17:40 “we have many different partnerships, we try to work with best of bread”

20:20 “we raised money from the community, not from VCs”

21:40 “The CEL token enables our member to earn more in interest and pay less on loans”

23:00 “the blockchain is a chance to reorganize the corporate pyramid”

24:40 “the opportunity here is to allow 7billion people to earn a fair income on their money”

26:50 “join the revolution and make the world a better place”